Time Management



Time management is managing our workload effectively and productively. We all are challenged with many responsibilities in our day to day life. And to manage them all effectively; first, it requires our mindful-awareness to our workload. Managing time does not necessarily mean that we need to be busy doing something at all times. Most of the times we are busy doing things that do not bring meaningful results into our life. Our consulting service can help you to identify your workload and separate the important and unimportant tasks that you spend your time on a daily basis. No matter how hard we manage our time, we can’t gain an extra hours and make the day last longer than twenty four hours. All we can do is stop wasting time on unimportant tasks that do not get us any closer to fulfilling our dreams. We can spend all our time doing only the things that brings meaningful value to our life and get us closer to our dreams. We can help you to identify your meaningful goals and help you to create a plan of action so; you can wisely spend your time working toward reaching your personal and professional goals and find long-lasting fulfillment in life and work.

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We provide a wide range of consulting services for all walks of life; from business owners to scientists, teenagers to elders. All consulting is done by Wasantha Mohottige, author and founder of Vital Force.

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• We also touch on deeper subjects including the mind, life, and our connection to the universe.