Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy

The universe is made up of energy, force, and matter. Human beings consist of all three of these elements as well. Thoughts are the energy within us, emotions are the force within us and our flesh and bones are the matter that comprises us. Thoughts relate to energy like electricity, while emotions relate to force like magnetism, and our physical body relates to matter in the form of flesh and bone. While matter can be seen and touched, thoughts and feelings cannot be seen or touched as we cannot see or touch electricity and magnetism.

Historically, the ancient study of natural philosophy diverged into two branches called philosophy/religion and science. Philosophy and religion mainly focus their attention on energies and forces that cannot be seen or touched while science mainly focuses its attention on material properties that can be seen, touched, and analyzed through a microscope. Science deals with things that can be measured and quantified, while philosophy deals with things that can’t be measured or quantified.

Two Types of Realities

Similarly, there are two types of realities in the universe: one is rational and the other is irrational. Rationalism deals with physical objects that can be measured and quantified and irrationalism deals with things that can’t be measured or quantified. Even in mathematics, there are two types of numbers called rational and irrational numbers. Rational numbers are expressed as a whole number while irrational numbers aren’t. The number one is an example of a rational number while pi is an example of an irrational number. We can count the number of people in a stadium, which is a rational number, but we can’t count or measure excitement in the stadium, which is represented by an irrational number.

Two Minds and Two Realities

Mind is the forerunner of all things and it consists of two parts; conscious and subconscious. Conscious mind thinks from rational thinking while subconscious mind thinks from irrational thinking such as intuition. When we were born, nobody taught us how to suck milk from our mother, but we intuitively knew how to do this. All the information in our conscious mind is things we have heard or received from other people or from our external world. Conscious mind is known as the mind of the five senses because it can only understand things that it can experience through the five sensors of the body. You can’t think of a book with endless pages because you have not seen or experienced such a book. Conscious mind only operates when we are wake and it goes to sleep when we sleep.

Subconscious mind, on the other hand, never goes to sleep. From the moment of conception and until we die, this mind never goes to sleep. This mind is irrational and it doesn’t know the different between sleep and awake, right and wrong, good and bad, and so on. This is why even if you were asked to not to think of color red, you still think about it. Conscious mind thinks from words while subconscious thinks from images. To truly understand the nature of our experience, we need to learn to unite the rational and irrational thinking of the two minds.

The Union of Science and religion

Even though this ancient practice of natural philosophy was divided into two branches, at its core it represents only one philosophy that applies to all material and immaterial objects in the universe. Since irrationalism deals with things that can’t be seen or measured, it does not mean that the things that cannot be seen are not believable or not important to our life. Just because we can’t see or hold electricity in our hand, it does not mean that it is not important; it does play a vital role in our lives.

Even though in modern times religion is viewed as a passive subject, it is directly related to what scientists are currently discovering. In the twenty-first century, we do not have to be religious in order to understand the irrational aspect of ourselves. We can understand the irrational aspect of ourselves simply by becoming aware of the thoughts and emotions behind the actions we perform every day.

As science and religion can be united as one, you can unite the rational and irrational aspects of your life by uniting your thoughts and emotions with the actions you take in your daily life.

We are Light

When the Egyptians viewed the sun as a God, there was a reason for this. At Vital Force, we believe that each of us are comprised of light itself. Sunlight comes to earth and manifests itself in three ways: mind, body, and soul. This is also known as the Holy Trinity. Science describes the universe in terms of energy, force, and matter. And matter is divided into five elements called solid, liquid, fire, gas, and space. In this way the universe is divided into seven factors: energy, force and these five elements. Visible light also has seven factors or frequencies, just as the rainbow has seven colors. Similarly, Hindus divide the human body into seven energy centers called Chakras. Buddhists also describe our existence in terms of seven factors. They are consciousness, mental factors, and material properties. Just as in science, Buddhists have divided these material properties into five categories, which are our five senses. We experience material properties through these senses: sight, sound, taste, smell, and touch. Consciousness, mental factors, and the five senses of the body divide our experience into seven factors.

Find the Energy and the Force within You

The sun produces more energy in a single second than our entire civilization has ever produced. And the gravitational force of the sun keeps the entire solar system in its right orbit. We can tap into this energy and force through our thoughts and emotions, in combination with the actions we take in life.

The word religion means “rediscover your origin,” and your origin is sunlight. In the twenty-first century, to be religious means to become aware of your source and learn to draw energy from it to improve any area of your life. So, in modern times, it is fair to say that we don’t necessarily have to go to church or temple to find answers to our difficulties. To create immediate change in our life, we can become more aware of our mental, emotional, and personal difficulties and learn to overcome them by redirecting the positive and negative energies that we experience through our difficulties.

The Art of Balancing

At Vital Force, we believe that everyone has the power to take control of and balance their life. As there are many departments in a corporation, there are many departments in each of our lives. Whether it is in business, professional or personal life, there are many aspects that we need to balance and care for.

We can bring our attention to all our mental, emotional, personal, financial, business, professional, or social difficulties and make the necessary changes to overcome difficulties therein. Once you have a basic understanding of how thoughts and emotions govern your actions, you will be able to fearlessly open yourself up to exploring the thoughts and emotions behind your difficulties and learn to redirect their energies so you can take the appropriate actions that will lead to your desired outcomes.