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To request a consultation, you can fill in the form below and we will contact you soon to set up your initial consultation. We look forward to serving you!

Our Fees:

All consulting is done on a negotiated flat fee for each session and not on an hourly rate. This will help you focus more on the quality of your session than on the clock. All first-time customers will receive a discounted introductory flat fee. We will work with any budget as long there is commitment and effort at self-development on your part. All consulting is done by Wasantha Mohottige, author and founder of Vital Force.

We Listen Without Judgment

You can freely talk to us about anything on your mind without the fear of been judged. You can feel free to consult with us about your strengths, weakness, and difficulties, as you would discuss your symptoms with a physician. Most of us are hesitant to discuss or to become aware of our weaknesses. There is nothing wrong about having weaknesses; we all have strengths and weaknesses. That is how nature works. Even a magnet has plus and negative polarities. Awareness of our strengths and weakness is the first step toward any success. Even before taking a Tylenol, we have to have an awareness of our headache.

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