Life Management


To truly experience a stress free, productive, and fulfilling lifestyle, we need to learn to manage all areas of our life. Having a successful business, carrier, or achieving financial freedom, does not necessarily mean that our emotional, mental, social, or family lives are equally successful. Like in business, there are many areas in our life that we need to give our attention to, balance them, and develop them. If we give too much attention to one or two areas of our life and ignore the other areas, it can damage our inner harmony and throw us out of balance into life-crises. Too much of anything; even sugar, is not healthy for our growth. We can help you to become aware, balance, and set goals for all areas of your life so, you can find inner harmony and fulfilment that you are carving for.

Our Other Services:

We provide a wide range of consulting services for all walks of life; from business owners to scientists, teenagers to elders. All consulting is done by Wasantha Mohottige, author and founder of Vital Force.

Business & Professional Development

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1) Purpose Awareness

2) Goal Setting

3) Business Relations

4) Business Communication

5) Business Management

6) Business Development

7) Business Ethics

Personal Development

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1) Individual Development

2) Individual Passion Awareness

3) Goals Setting

4) Time Management

5) Productivity

6) Organizational Training

7) Finding Mental Clarity

8) Finding Mental and Emotional Balance

9) Life Management

• We also touch on deeper subjects including the mind, life, and our connection to the universe.