About Us


We provide personal development consulting and life coaching services to all walks of life. You can talk to us about anything that bothers you or regarding any goals that you may have. All our problems and goals start in our minds. And understanding the mind is the key to solving your problems and difficulties and the key that can help you to achieve your goals. Through our consulting and coaching services, it is our goal to help you understand how to discipline your mind and how to become more aware of yourself so you can find your own answers and solutions to your problems and difficulties and reach your goals, dreams, and your destinations.

At Vital Force, we believe that each individual has the personal power to realize their potential and the power to achieve their goals and dreams in life. To do this, we all need to awaken the force within us.

Our Philosophy

At Vital Force, we believe that we are all made up of mind and matter. We all have a physical body and a mental body. The difference between mind and matter is that matter doesn’t have the power to cognize, like the spoon doesn’t know the taste of the soup. Your physical body is divided into five parts, which are your five senses: sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch. Your mental body is divided into two parts: thoughts and emotions. All your experiences are interactions between your mind and your five senses. At this present moment, you are using your eyesight and your mind to read and understand this article. All your happy, unhappy, angry, fearful, frustrated, worried, sad, lazy, and boring experiences are results of this interaction between the mind and your five senses.

Mindful awareness into our experiences can dramatically help us to ease our emotional pain and calm the mind. When the mind is calm, that is when problems are solved, and answers are found.

The mind is like water; when a rock is thrown into a pond of still water, it creates waves, making the water muddy. When a problem enters the mind, it creates waves of emotions and makes the mind blurry to understanding of the problem. Yes, it is possible to train your mind to stay calm and steady in any situation so it can clearly see the solutions and answers to your problems and goals.

Through our consulting, it is our hope and goal to provide you with the best possible knowledge and wisdom regarding the matters that affect you most. At Vital Force, we can help you make wise decisions to overcome emotional obstacles and take wise actions to reach your goals and dreams.